The Founders

Adam is a serial entrepreneur from Melbourne that also spent more than a decade living in Los Angeles.

Almost 20 years ago Adam founded a digital media company with nothing (started as Mediacom, the after numerous mergers ended up as Staging Connections), grew the company with a combination of startups and acquisitions and completed a $50 million IPO all while being the CEO and largest shareholder.

Then he moved to California for more than 10 years where he established S7 Group – an incubator and fund that develops tech startups and acquires tech companies in the $1-20 million enterprise value range.

Adam has raised a combined $120 million in Australia, the United States, Hong Kong and the UK for businesses where he was the CEO and controlling shareholder, completed more than 20 acquisitions (all as a principal) and established numerous startups.

  • Bob Bates: I’m a CFO with over 25 years experience in various industries. I’ve done 5 IPO/reverse mergers and raised $35 million. I’m certified in valuations and forensic accounting and have worked on dozens of acquisitions. Also, I work in the expert testifying field:
  • Commercial disputes – If your business suffers financial loss as a result of a breach of warranty, breach of contract, or a contract dispute or may have a claim for business interruption. HP Accounting can provide advice on all financial aspects of a dispute.
  • Professional negligence – We can provide a formal opinion on the standard of care required and assist in the calculation of losses arising from professional negligence.
  • Fraud and financial investigation – If you suspect a fraud or theft within your business or you may yourself have been accused of fraud. Our forensic accounting expert witness can help you in bringing together the evidence to provide an impartial opinion.
  • Business valuation and partner disputes – Partner and shareholders dispute can be extremely detrimental to a business. Disputes can arise from disagreements over the valuation of the business, work-in-progress or lack of dividend payments or tax issues. HP Accounting has a team of business valuation expert witness to help resolve these and other situations requiring business valuations.

Our esteemed CPA expert witness, Bob Bates is a CFE, CVA and CFO who has worked with various lawyers on over 50 cases in many states. He provides financial support for a client in litigation, or pre-litigation, as well as provides a report, such as damages calculation, which can be used in litigation.